Virtual Blog Tours for Authors - Worth Your Time Or a Waste of Money?

I'm all about real results on this blog, and showing you what happens, so today I have a new blog tour starting with Saints and Sinners for my book, 1/2 Cocked.  Instead of waiting until the tour was over, I decided to start at the beginning and let you see what happens (or doesn't) when you book a blog tour for your book.  Now there are a few variables here, because obviously different book tour hosts have different blog sites they work with.  As of this moment it's the only promotion I have going on with this book, so whatever sales come in, I can say it is a direct result (or not) of what happens when my book went on tour with this blog tour company.

As I'm sure you know, Amazon changes it's ranking hourly so it could be up or down all day. Personally I think the most that will happen on these blog tours will be in the first two days, but I might change my opinion depending on what happens with the ranking of the book.  With all those variables in place, I think you can decide for yourself if a virtual blog tour is worth your time or a waste of money by following the progress (or decline) of my book over the next week.  My book is only on Amazon and is in the Kindle Unlimited program.  You'll find the link below!